This week, i'm pleased to do this creative interview to one of the most talented illustrator duo i've ever work with. They applied their magic to Until Daylight and that shows! I was curious to know more about what inspires them and how they envision their future.

Can you tell us a bit about your background ?

We both studied 3d animation and production. I specialized in preproduction but mostly developed ink drawings in my sparetime and started having much more interest in illustration then animation after my studies. Elsa, who specialized in postproduction and compositing, recently started working on the colors of my illustrations and gave them the finished aspect they didn't have before.

"Crooks & Thugs"


"EKO TOKO Water Sanctuary"


With a style so marked, how do you envision your future ?

We're not so sure but we would love to make comics and children books. These are fields where there's a lot of creativity and less client obligations, which is obviously more exciting for creatives. This first experience in boardgames was in the same vien and makes us wish we'd do more games as well.

"Looking for the anwser"

Until Daylight was the first boardgame you worked on. Can you tell us what was your methodology and challenges ? (inspirations, workflow)

Our inspirations come from a variety of things but the final look of our work is strongly inspired by Japanese woodprints.
We had developed a certain workflow while making some character illustrations before working on Until Daylight that matched the artworks we had to do for this game, but it was challenging to manage the different steps both of us had to handle on so many characters. We figured it out by doing the steps by batches of illustration and not one character at a time.
The process for these illustrations: I sketch the characters, do the linework on paper, numerize them. Then Elsa would start by blocking some base colors and clipping the different parts of the characters (head, arms, jacket, backpack, ...). After that for some designs we would work together on the colors, others would be mostly by Elsa or by me. Finally Elsa would push the illustrations forward by harmonizing the colors, add gradients, noize, color corrections and I would add shadings to the characters.

With your fresh look at this industry, what would you criticize in boardgames general aesthetics ?

We both like boardgames even though we only play casually, and we definitely had more interest in the industry since we started making the illustrations of Until Daylight. We first had the feeling most boardgames had the same painterly look, which is amazing altough it lacks a bit of originality in some cases.

But in the end, it's the same for comics, video games or boardgames. There are so many different projects out there, and there's always going to be a more popular market and an independant one, it's just hard some times to know about everything.

We both agree on the fact that to us it's a pity projects that have unique visuals won't always pop out as much as others but then again from what we discovered, thanks to crowdfunding platforms, it looks like more and more unique boardgames are made and are becoming major games.


What is your favorite GMBM ? (game, movie, book, music)

Ben :
• Diablo 3
• The good the bad and the ugly
• Of mice and men, John Steinbeck
• Impossible for me to give one music here are four, sorry. You - Gidge, Break well - Mount Kimbie, Liquid swords - GZA, The Art Of Peer Pressure - Kendrick Lamar

Elsa :
• Diablo 3 too
• Blade runner
• The alchemist, Paulo Coelho
• Everything from Nicolas Jaar

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