The video of your Kickstarter campaign is probably the most important piece you'll have to work on. Create a unique video for boardgames usually involves animation and after effects could be a little hard to master. This tutorial will help you understand how to generate a big crowd of individuals, randomly, without managing every character separatly.

A couple of weeks ago, i made a video to thank our 500 followers on Twitter. The video was a huge hord of 500 infected. As much as I love our community, it was out of the question to animate 500 separate layers! So i found an elegant solution and i want to share this tutorial with you.

Creating a moving hord in after effects can be very useful. Their is 2 methods to achieve it. The first method consist in animating every single character (layer) individually in your 3D environment. Which can be very painful and long to complete. The second method is based on how to use a well known plugin, Trapcode Particular, to your advantage.

This tutorial video will help your understand every step of the process. You can make your own crowd very quickly by using the project files we share.

Tutorial time. Let's do this!

Download project files